1. Redwood Farm Tables
    Redwood Farm Tables
    Our beautiful Redwood Farm Tables will make any Wedding a hit.
    $100.00 Per Table - Total Of 10
  2. Deluxe Plastic Chairs
    Deluxe Plastic Chairs
    Our deluxe plastic chairs are not only durable but very comfortable to sit in.
    $1.25 Each
  3. Redwood Benches
    Redwood Benches
    Our beautiful Benches are made of the same wood used for our tables and will seat 5 people per side.
    $20.00 Per Bench - We currently have 10
  4.  Fruitwood Folding Chair
    Fruitwood Folding Chair
    These Chairs go well with our Redwood Table or to just add a more elegant look to our regular tables
    $3.00 Each
  5. Wedding Party Doors
    Wedding Party Doors
    These beautiful doors can be used for the Wedding party to walk through or you can use them as an Arch for the Wedding Ceremony.
    $150.00 Each
  6.  Glass Beverage Dispenser
    Glass Beverage Dispenser
    3 Gallon Springfield Glass Beverage Dispenser with Metal Stand.
    $10.00 Each
  7. Glass Beverage Dispenser
    Glass Beverage Dispenser
    Serve your chilled drinks in style with this Core 2.4 gallon beverage dispenser.
    $8.00 Each
  8. Carlisle 5 Gallon Hot/Cold
    Carlisle 5 Gallon Hot/Cold
    Keep all your refreshments cold on a hot day or hot on a cold day with this 5 Gallon Beverage Dispenser.
    $15.00 Each
  9. 60 oz.  Plastic Pitcher
    60 oz. Plastic Pitcher
    Serve your gurest refreshing soda, juice, or lemonade with the Choice 60 oz. SAN plastic pitcher.
    $1.00 Each
  10. 90 oz. Tahiti Pitcher
    90 oz. Tahiti Pitcher
    Serve water, juice, and other cold beverages easily with the clear 90 oz. Tahiti plastic pitcher.
    $1.25 Each
  11. 72" Round Tables
    72" Round Tables
    Our 72" Round Tables are very durable and seat 10 People.
    10.00 Each
  12. 8' X 30" Plastic Tables
    8' X 30" Plastic Tables
    8 Foot table will seat up to 10 people if you use the ends - We also carry this same table in a 6 Foot version.
    8' $7.00 Each - 6' $6.00 Each
  1. Tablecloths
    Many colors to chose from.
    $8.00 - 18.00 Depending On Color & Size
  2. Coffee Maker
    Coffee Maker
    This 30 cup stainless steel Coffee Maker is a magnificent addition to any church, office, catered event, or any other application where there's a need to quickly make a lot of coffee.
    $10.00 Each
  3. Chafing Dish
    Chafing Dish
    8 Qt. Chafing Dish - With Sterno /Fuel.
    $20.00 Each
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